Circular & Slow

Born in 2022, EFAAR is created out of necessity to do more for the environment after seeing massive potential from all the unwearable fabrics Fashion Rerun encounters daily. Our team pursues to continue pushing boundaries in how sustainable, creative, and resourceful a fashion company can be.

EFAAR is an environmentally friendly and artistic revival of old textiles into outstanding trends, encapsulating fashion and all its possible circular reforms for eco-focused advocates and regular trendsetters alike.

What We Value


Inspired by timeless designs and trending styles, EFAAR is focused on finding vintage textiles with a high fabric count and salvaging distinct fabrics out of damaged garments to create durable clothes with fantastic designs that can speak for themselves.


Operating with our own solar panels and water filtration system, plus holding ourselves accountable for every recyclable amidst collaborating with local and international advocates, EFAAR is committed to doing its part in shaping a maintainable future for fashion.


Thriving in a lively multicultural environment that perpetuates resilience and transparency, EFAAR is dedicated to celebrating inclusivity and mindfulness to promote the healthy welfare of every worker behind the scenes and in front of the camera.


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